Superhero Syndrome

What if Superman or Wonder Women had no powers? What if Batman was an average Bruce with no mobile and no cool gadgets? They would be nothing more than your everyday human, with no ability to go beyond their everyday life, right? Right! So then, why come January of every year do we, everyday humans, think we’ve suddenly morphed into superheroes with super powers to change the world?

It seems that the ushering in of the new year brings with it the the superhero syndrome, where we think that we can do it all. We create resolutions to change habits that we’ve accrued over years. We somehow become miracle workers who think that we can change habits and accomplish goals within the first month of the year. Pressure much?!

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We are by no means superheroes, well many of us are if you look at what we accomplish in a day, but I am talking in the physical sense. We are just human at the end of the day and as humans should try to achieve only what is humanly possible. Do not set absurd goals for yourself came the 1st day of the new year. Pace yourself, set realistic goals that can be achieved within a reasonable time frame. Why is that many resolutions do not work? Just because of this reason, we usually set unrealistic goals which we want to achieve within a short time frame.

Do not try to save the world, you will just become so despondent with the realisation that is so big and you, are not. And what I mean by save the world is; don’t try to over achieve, set realistic goals, set measurable objectives that when accomplished will fill you with a sense of purpose and desire to do more and be more. Sometimes when we search for instant gratification, we are so disappointed with the lack of fulfillment that we were hoping to get, that we give up altogether. Also, do not set goals for yourself measured against others, that is, just because Linda has a lucrative job and is driving an insane car, you hope to achieve the same by the end of the year. Sometimes there are many factors that do not allow us all to achieve the same and by setting these goals within short time frames, you may set yourself up for disappointment. Hey, I’m not saying that it can’t be done or that you should not set such goals for yourself, all I am saying is weigh your options, look at what is achievable for you, and work within those bounds to be realistic. And yes, do push boundaries and work toward higher goals but set realistic time frames so as not to over exert yourself and then reach burnout.

Life is a series of stages and while it at times may not seem so, your life is unique, so do not live yours according to others. In actuality, you are the one who sets your goals, you are the one who measures your life and you are the one who can take the cape off. Learn to say no … to yourself. Again, I’m not saying do not strive to be a better you, just be patient with yourself. Last year I tried to do way too much in one year and I physically and more so emotionally burnt out. I thought that I would never live a stress free life again because my mind was on a 24/7 treadmill. But when I stopped pressurising myself to achieve what others have, was when I lived again. You, are your biggest critic!

So while you may not physically be a superhero, at least learn from them …

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