Says Who?!

Drawing from my last post, I was prompted to think about all the goals we try to achieve in life and if they really truly are our own goals or societal? And I then thought about it more and wondered, where do these societal pressures stem from and who even says that they are correct? Why do we take them as gospel, criteria to base our lives on?  You should have a well paying job at age 25, drive a sports car and live in your own apartment, else you would have failed in life. Loser!

Where do these rules even come from?! So I know how they are perpetuated and sold through stereotypes and mass media engagement but how did they begin? Who said you even should go to university once you’ve finished 12 already long years of school? Who said you need to live in a house? Why can’t I be a tree hugging hippie that lives off the land and pays people with aura cleansing sessions? Who said you need to get married to declare your love and undying commitment to someone? Does a piece of paper really prove that I am going to be faithful? Really?

So I get it that rules are put in to place for a reason. I mean, we’ve watched Game of Thrones, we know that if you didn’t follow the rules back in the day then you would be publicly decapitated and your head would be placed on a stick for all to see just where your defiance got you. They sure knew how to keep people in check.

But fast forward centuries later where people have free will and are allowed to exercise it, why aren’t more of us doing that? Why don’t we live by our own rules? Pave our own ways and set our own goals for ourselves? Who even said that going to school, going to university, getting a job, buying material objects, working yourself to the bone to buy material objects, getting sick, working some more, retiring, then being bored because you don’t know what to do with your life now that you no longer work and then dying, is the objective of life? I’m not saying it is not! All I am saying is, Says Who?  Who said that doing all these things are life’s goal. Perhaps we’re missing the plot completely and prioritising the wrong things?

As I have said in previous posts, we have been told that there are ways to do things and processes to follow in life and through life. They may work for the majority but not for everyone. And if they do not work for you, then that’s ok. Follow your own processes and do what’s right for you. I am 90% sure that your head will not end up on a stick.

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