Every Day is a Gift!

It’s spring in South Africa, and this means flu season. I have a little one in creche and so illnesses are constantly passed on in my home, and they are repetitive. My kids play tag with their ickie sickies and my husband and I are ‘IT’ quiet often. This basically means that we are illness free for about 2 months in a year, if we are lucky.

I was busy cooking as my mum-in-law took seriously ill that morning, trying to get things together and done on time with a crying clingy kid. Kid held with one hand and stirring the pot with the other (this is every mom at some point). Eventually she agreed to eat something but for some reason she wanted to eat it outside. This was not helping my timeline but I agreed. “It shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes”, I thought. But these mere minutes were eye-opening. Kids can be so impactful without even knowing it.

So we went outside to sit at the garden table while I fed her her fruit. And as I looked onto the garden I just instantly appreciated what a beautiful day it was, with the sun shining and the garden blooming. And I thought to myself, “This is what they mean when they say that everyday is a gift”. But then I thought further, “So then, is this what everyday is like?” And the answer is “Yes”. Everyday is gift, we have just stopped finding the gifts in everyday.

Societies over the years have created ways to measure time. We started with ways to measure day and night, then calendars measuring years and then analogue and digital clocks counting hours. And now we find ourselves in an age where corporate society measures time as how much revenue you can bring in, in a day, a month, a year. Society has framed days in such a way that because of this, we no longer live day by day, we live weekend to weekend. We seem to appreciate days that fall on weekends more than the weekdays … #TGIF.

All days were created equal, every single one has the same hours (except for when daylight savings takes affect, and again this was societally implemented to save energy). Everyday we wake up on earth is a gift to us, whether it falls on a Monday or a Saturday. There is beauty in everyday and every single day is just as important as the next, but in the rat race of daily life we seem to have forgotten this. We have to get to work at a certain time, we sit in horrible traffic, we are pressured to meet certain deadlines and so forth, and this is everyday life. No wonder we look forward to the weekends. And it seems like weekends are the time we take to appreciate life because this is when we actually have the time to do so.

Every day in your life is just a day with 24 hours in it, you choose what you do with it. Yes there are social implications and you need to go to work to earn a living to live the life you are living. But what I mean by this is that outside of this routine, you can decide how you view your life. You can decide on the type of person that you want to be. There are many exercises that you can do that can help you see the value in each day and in turn find ways to make the most of your everyday. Since we are magnetised to our mobile phones, you can get yourself to use it to take a photograph a day. Find something different everyday that makes you smile. Find the ‘Gift in Everyday’ and capture it. Perhaps then make a collage of all of the things that made you see the value in everyday.

Everyday is definitely a gift because as we know, we are living on borrowed time and before we know it, whenever it may be, time’s up. We can decide how we view and how we use that time…

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