What I learnt from Greece.

Last week I visited the ultimate destination on my bucket list … Greece. When I turned 35, I decided that that would be my birthday gift to myself {with some companionship and financial assistance from my husband of course :)} For as long as I can remember I have be captivated by Greek mythology, it was always so fantastical to me. And, as tempting as the beautiful islands were, mainland Greece was where I wanted to go. So, we set up a tour to visit Greece.

We visited magnificent places; we toured Athens, Olympia, Delphi and Meteora. It was so beautiful but so surreal. I learned so much but it was just so perplexing trying to conceptualise it all. I was at the (arguably) birth of civilisation; Delphi was considered by ancient Greeks to be the “Navel or Center of the World”. This world leader in Science and Medicine was now just renowned for their beautiful islands. What happened in between?!

This is what I learned from my trip to Greece, nothing is set in stone; not even Medusa’s stare has that power. If the world’s powerhouse, its center of man’s learning and growth is now just a beautiful mass of touristy destinations, then every single one of us has the power to change. Who we are now is not who we will be in five years and no where near who we can be in ten. We all have the capability to transform for the better. To become who we want to be.

But it is also a reminder to, as Kendrick Lamar said, “Be Humble”. Who you are today can change in a heartbeat. The Ancient Greeks were very confident about their existence, they only knew greatness. However, the fall from greatness was a humbling decline. But let us take positive lessons from Ancient Greece, for out of destruction comes rebirth. The Greek Gods, whether you believe in them or not, have impacted our literature, our education and modern mainstream culture. If there is one thing that you should strive to do is to be a Greek God and leave behind a legacy. Be bold, lead, love and change the world. Even if you change one person’s life, that is one step closer to greatness.