Terrific Turkey: What I’ve learnt from my trip.

In summary this is what I learnt from my trip to Turkey:

  1. How important history is.
  2. Just how big the world really is.
  3. Just how small your world truly is.

1. Terrific Turkey

Turkey was indeed terrific, from its history to its culture, the beautiful architecture and the food. While I was learning about wars and dictators in school, I should of been learning about historical places like Turkey, instead. I did not know much about Turkey before going there. I had thought that it was a Muslim state but this was all rectified at our first dinner, where they sold alcohol. Exposure to more countries from a younger age would broaden our world horizon and make us more cuturally competent.

2. I’m a, not so, big, big girl in a big, big world.

We sometimes forget just how big the world is. How expansive, how beautiful and how dynamic. They say that travelling is a growth experience and understandably so. Everytime you travel to new worlds, you not only expand your knowledge base and awareness but you grow your humaness too. You become more aware of difference and become more tolerant as a result. You learn about the myrid of diversity; how many others actually exist and how each of these people come with their own uniqueness. The world is massive and you are but a grain of sand in the ocean.

3. A world of opportunity.

Stemming from the last point, knowing how big the world is, comes the realisation of just how small your own world is. Sometimes we forget that the world is more than just our frame of reference. We live a routined life that can have us forgetting that the world is more than what we are experiencing. Yes we are exposed to the world around us through media but how connected are we to these happenings. When we travel to places, we connect physically and emotionally, there becomes a oneness. A sense of a global community or responsibility even. We become more aware that the world is more than our exposure. While this can be dwarfing, it can contrastingly been seen as an opportunity. This should be a reminder that should things not work out in your current situation or if your work has not given you the opportunities to grow, then the world presents an entire play ground for you to try again. Do not be deterred by failures, the world is your oyster and you are the pearl. We need to stop thinking that the world revolves around us, many opportunities exist for us beyond the realms of our periphery.

If you have the opportunity, travel. Travel to another continent, travel to a new country, travel to a new city, travel to a new neighbourhood. Go beyond your comfort zone and learn about someone different to you. Break the binds of your ego and learn about difference. There is so much out there, so much more than you can fathom. The world is vast, the world is wonder-ful, the world is glorious. Span your boundaries and expand your knowledge. Put the U back into h-U-man.