About the Writer

While I would very much like to say that I have always dreamed of being a writer and that I am now living that dream; that I frequent coffee shops with my laptop in tow, that I brunch at the coolest eateries observing people as content for my pieces, or that I sit at my apartment window being inspired by the city views before me. Alas, my life is very far from that of Carrie Bradshaw.

I am an Indian South African mother of 2, very busy kids. The hours of my week are filled between work, trying to keep a float my sideline hustle, making sure my kids are fed (this consumes must of my time, they eat alot) and basic household things. Most days I feel like The Middle is based on my life. I have had various work roles which have exposed me to many industries and many different people. I hold a Masters in Media and am currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Psychology. Ok, now that I’ve shared my resume …

I do feel it’s important to share my qualifications because despite my academic merit I have had a very difficult time trying to establish and build my career. My life has had quite a few challenges but overcoming them has taught me many life lessons. All of my experiences makes it easier to relate to a lot of people who face similar challenges in life and who have a difficult time dealing with it. I also feel that the challenge of not being able to find a rewarding job after completing my studies allows me to relate to many of the unemployed academically qualified youth of today as well as enables me to guide students who embark on tertiary studies.

South Africa, with its melting pot of cultures, has taught me cultural and religious tolerance which is critical in engaging with individuals from a various contexts. My post-grad studies in both Media and Psychology puts me in a better position to understand both fields and the impact of one on the other. During my studies at University I became interested in the Psychology of the Media, this is the way that an individual consumes or is influenced by the media. And since then, I have increasingly experienced how the media impacts our daily lives. With a background in both fields, I am able to understand the impact that the media has on individuals and it is because of this that I feel that I have an advantage to help those who may need it.

If you would like to contact me, drop me a mail at psychemedium@brandin.co.za